Grant FAQs

  • The objective of the initial grant offering is to assist nonprofits by removing the cost barrier to bringing new SaaS (software as a service) platforms to their nonprofits. We want to contribute to overall digital transformation beyond licenses. Equal Impact wants to give grants to those nonprofits who may not be able to afford the software without our assistance.

  • Organizations can apply for one grant per grant cycle. In the case that we offer more than one grant cycle per year, organizations can apply for a future grant.

  • Yes, organizations can apply for a combination of grant funding, licenses, and volunteer support. For example, if you have free licenses your organization can still be eligible for grant funding.

  • Yes, an organization can apply again if a requested grant was previously denied. Please note, you must meet our eligibility criteria.

  • At this time, up to $1,000 USD per nonprofit per year is to be used towards a SaaS product.

  • The grant should be used for SaaS technology and the specific purpose stated in the grant application. A receipt proof of purchase must be shared in order to receive full grant funds.