for nonprofits
Our Nonprofits Program includes Work OS,
the easy-to-use nonprofit platform that streamlines all your operations in one place, plus additional resources and support dedicated to helping nonprofits thrive.
Dedicated nonprofit discounts
Enjoy 10 seats free, then 70% discount on each additional seat
We want to make sure price is not a barrier to better collaboration, fundraising, and nonprofit management. That's why we're offering the first 10 seats on Work OS for free and 70% discount on any additional users.

Are you eligible for 
a discount?

To be eligible to participate in the for Nonprofits Program, you must be recognized as a charity, nonprofit, nongovernmental, or social change organization in the country in which you are located.

Your organization should provide legal documentation demonstrating that you meet the above criteria. In addition, you will need to meet the specific eligibility criteria for this program.