About our toolkits

Digital Lift offers a hub of digital solutions, customized to solve some of your biggest challenges as a nonprofit.

What is a toolkit?
A toolkit is a package customized to solve a specific challenge, and includes:

Recommended software that matches your organization’s needs

Access to discounted or free licenses

Step-by-step guides, training, and live webinars on how to use the software

Over 2,000 nonprofits are already using our toolkits. What are you waiting for?
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Our toolkits help your organization optimize a variety of processes

How does it work?
1. Choose your process

Select your toolkit based on the process you’re managing.

2. Get an account

Create an account with the software that toolkit offers, and claim your discount. As an approved Digital Lift user, you get access to discounted (or free!) software.

3. Receive training

Get started with your new software! We’ll guide you through, step by step

  • Videos and guides for each software
  • Customizable templates
  • Live webinars

Your toolkits are there for you to revisit whenever you want to continue, or when you just need a refresher.

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